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"Marilyn and her team at Michigan Avenue Services really fill in the administrative gaps for our web marketing agency.  From compiling mail lists and databases to proofing our proposals, MAOS responds and delivers.  A perfect virtual assistant!"

-Bill Kamper
Partner, Marketing Strategy
Simplified Solutions Web Marketing

Michigan Avenue Office Services

Our Client Case Studies

#1 Case Study
Problem MAOS Solution
Over 2-1/2 years ago this client had an idea for a start-up company and needed daily administrative support to collect and format research data, structure presentations and communicate with the professional business community in English as his second language. Working side by side with the client, through many refinements and iterations, we created hundreds of PowerPoint slides and Excel worksheets that now form the presentations ready for potential investors. Our careful editing of documents ensured that they were well written and consistent in their message, with all outside data and source material painstakingly notated. We also created the logo used for the new company. Along the way we helped to compose countless emails, set up teleconferencing services, researched web developers, and tracked expenses.
#2 Case Study
Problem MAOS Solution
A well established attorney (sole practitioner) required periodic administrative support, e.g., typing documents, sending/receiving email, and filing legal documents online. Two members of our staff are familiar with his work and support him on an as-needed basis which is typically 3-5 days per week. We arrange both national and international travel for him. This client is also an author for whom we have prepared multiple book drafts for publishers.
#3 Case Study
Problem MAOS Solution
Close to 5 years ago, two founders of a start-up consulting firm needed a Michigan Avenue address and telephone answering service, occasional administrative support, and conference room space. Beginning with providing a virtual corporate identity for the client we have since become the primary editor of business plans they prepare for their clients. They rely on us to proofread, format, and finalize their client reports.
#4 Case Study
Problem MAOS Solution
A major university in Chicago had over 100 interviews to be transcribed with quick turnaround needed. The work was highly confidential and many of the interviewees spoke with an accent.

Because we offer an FTP site for secure file sharing, the university was able to easily upload all their audio files. Our university contact was especially pleased with the results and prompt turnaround, and has since referred other university personnel to us.
#5 Case Study
Problem MAOS Solution
For several years a prominent local radio and TV personality wrote a weekly political newsletter mailed to several hundred people. He also conducted and recorded numerous interviews regarding a famous Chicago humanitarian, which became the basis for a biography published in 2002. We typed and prepared his weekly newsletters, keeping his mailing list up to date. Along with transcribing the interviews for his book and working with him on several drafts, we formatted the final manuscript in accordance with the publisher's guidelines, including end notes and a detailed index.
#6 Case Study
Problem MAOS Solution
A veteran Chicago Tribune reporter dictated his life story from beginnings in Indiana, work for the Chicago City News Bureau, then early reporting for the Tribune followed by nearly five years of Army service in World War II. He wanted to publish a book. We transcribed his tapes of fascinating stories, as this 80+ year old gentleman completed them, culminating in his book being published.
#7 Case Study
Problem MAOS Solution
A hotel sales consultant in Colorado needed to send out announcements about upcoming sales training events, track responses and automatically provide further information to attendees. After generating personalized email announcements to recipients, we responded to attendees with automatically generated information and specialized answers to any questions.
#8 Case Study
Problem MAOS Solution
A fitness expert in California wanted to outsource a weekly email newsletter, i.e., insert appropriate clip art, edit and proofread text, format, and schedule for consistent delivery. She also sponsored a nationwide fitness walk for which she needed announcements, t-shirts, decals and fulfillment services. Working in Vertical Response we created and produced, using the client's text, a weekly newsletter to her mailing list. This required test emails each week to ensure integrity. We researched and identified t-shirt printers and fulfillment centers to handle the fitness walk items.
#9 Case Study
Problem MAOS Solution
A well-known association holds several meetings each year, featuring international speakers and panels of experts in highly technical areas. They record the meetings/roundtables and need them transcribed quickly, with an emphasis on the accuracy of names and scientific terms, to distribute to attendees. For the last 5 years we have provided transcription services for their meetings.
#10 Case Study
Problem MAOS Solution
A non-profit community organization needed an established mailing address, administrative support for its executive director and access to email. In addition to providing a mailing address and occasional office space for the director, we handle all his email and correspondence. Because most of the organization's efforts are now focused on helping people avoid foreclosure, we perform Internet research on banks' loan modification packages and PIN numbers. We created postcards, brochures and newsletters, along with maintaining several mailing lists. Other tasks include preparing reports, meeting minutes and budgets for the organization's grantors, composing thank-you letters, and registering the director online for various events and meetings.

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